Siddha Vedham / Vasi Yogam Classes are conducted on every Saturday from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM at our Chennai Siddha Viddhai Abbiyasa Nilayam, Anna Nagar, Chennai.

Vasi Yogam Trainer

During the Siddha Vedham (சித்த வேதம்) / Vasi Yogam (வாசி யோகம்) class our senior Siddha Vidyarthis will read the Siddha Vedham (சித்த வேதம்), explain the meaning of it and give initiation of Holy Siddha Viddhai (சித்த வித்தை).
Those who are interested to understand life and attain Jeeva Moksham (ஜீவா மோட்சம்) can attend this class. Before getting the initiation of Holy Siddha Viddhai (சித்த வித்தை), it is mandatory to understand the meaning of Siddha Vendham (சித்த வேதம்). By considering the practical difficulties and time limitations Chennai Siddha Viddhai Abbiyasa Nilayam, decided that at least first 5 chapters of Siddha Vedham (சித்த வேதம்) to be understood clearly by people before getting the initiation. Subsequent to Saturday every Sunday morning between 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM Siddha Vedham (சித்த வேதம்) class will be conducted, so the other chapters which were not explained during Saturday can be listened and clarified.

Vasi Yogam Class

Along with this from 12:00 PM to 01:15 PM Kootu Jebam (கூட்டு ஜெபம்) will be carried on by Siddha Vidyarthis. People who are willing to get the initiation can also be part of this Koottu Jebam (கூட்டு ஜெபம்) . There are many good things about Koottu Jebam (கூட்டு ஜெபம்), one can simply realize the deepness in Jebam (ஜெபம்) and Nishtai (நிஷ்டை) while being part of the Koottu Jebam (கூட்டு ஜெபம்).
Senior Siddha Vidyarthis will identify the deserving ones and tell them either in the Saturday class or call them over phone to come on the said date for initiation. So people do not need to ask them like when the initation will be given. By looking at your sincerity, dedication and willingness Swami Sivananda Parmahamsar himself will make it happen to you. So all you need to do is be sincere. Since Siddha Viddhai (சித்த வித்தை) is about jeevan’s (ஜீவன்) self realization, this initiation is strictly free of charge.

New Siddha Vidyarthis introduction

Post to Koottu Jebam (கூட்டு ஜெபம்), who ever got initiation on that week will be given an opportunity to express themselves on their experiences that can be witnessed by people who are willing to get the initiation. Once they get initiation to Siddha Vidhdai (சித்த வித்தை) they are called are “Brammashree” (பிரம்மஸ்ரீ) / “Siddha Vidyarthi” (சித்த வித்யார்த்தி). In general during Sunday morning initiation will be given. After the self introduction of newly initatied Siddha Vidyarthis (சித்த வித்யார்த்தி) all the assembled Siddha Vidyarthis (சித்த வித்யார்த்தி) will congratulate in the name Swami Sivananda Paramhamsar and give an Athma Namaskaram (ஆத்ம நமஸ்காரம்). Once initiated and start practicing vaasi yogam (வாசி யோகம்)/ siddha viddhai (சித்த வித்தை) they are children of Swami Sivananda Paramhamsar. So every Siddha Vidyarthis (சித்த வித்யார்த்தி) are brothers and sisters. After congratulating new Siddha Vidyarthis (சித்த வித்யார்த்தி), it is time to congratulate the Sakthini (சத்தினி) sponsors and give an athma namaskaram (ஆத்ம நமஸ்காரம்) to them in the name of Swami Sivananda Paramhamsar. Then the non Siddha Vidyarthis (publics) will be served Sakthini (சத்தினி) first after that all Siddha Vidyarthis (சித்த வித்யார்த்தி) will have Sakthini (சத்தினி) as brothers and sisters in a sama bandhi bhojanam (சம பந்தி போஜனம்) without any inequality. In general this Sakthini (சத்தினி) is sponsored by one of the Siddha Vidyarthis (சித்த வித்யார்த்தி) every week. With this Sunday class ends.