Chennai Siddha Vithai Abbiyasa Nilayam was started on year 2000 for the benefit Chennai Siddha Vidyarthis to have a place for koottu jebam / கூட்டு ஜெபம் and for Jeeva Samadhi / ஜீவ சமாதி when they achieve Jeeva Moksham / ஜீவ மோட்சம் .

Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa

During the 48th Jeeva Aikkiya Vizha of Brammashree Sharangapani father of Brammashree Raja Sundaram at Venkatapuram Siddha Vidyarthi’s Abbiyasa Alayam near Vellore, it was decided to start Chennai Siddha Vithai Abbiyasa Nilayam by the Madurai Tamizh Manila siddha Vidyarthi’s movement and senior Siddha Vidyarthis from, Chennai.
Details of participants were as follows
1. Brammashree A.G Ganapathy
2. Brammashree C. Kothandavelu
3. Brammashree Pulavar Vinayagam
4. Brammashree Ku. Mu. Sanmugam
5. Brammashree Kumaran
6. Brammashree Kannan
7. Brammashree Azhagu Malai
8. Brammashree Kothandam
9. Suttha Sanmarkka Siddha Vidyalam, Otteri

Vasi Yogam Class

10. Brammashree Raja Sundaram
11. Brammashree Latchumi Narasimhan, Korattur
12. Brammashree Bala Subramanyam, President, Venkatapuram
13. Brammashree Dhurai, Secretary, Venkatapuram
14. Brammashree Chokkalingam, President, Madurai Tamizh Manila Siddha Vidyarthi Movement
15. Brammashree P. R Krishna Ram, Secretary, Madurai Tamizh Manila Siddha Vidyarthi Movement.
From the day of Chennai Siddha Vithai Abbiyasa Nilayam inception, 1000’s of brothers and sisters were initiated with Siddha Vithai / சித்த வித்தை (Vaasi Yogam / வாசி யோகம்). Every week on Saturday evening between 5 PM to 7 PM the center conduct Siddha Vedam read and explanation to new comers. So by attending this class the public will get clarity on Swami Sivananda Paramahamsar’s preaching and get clarifications if any from our senior Siddha Vidyarthis. Whoever wanted to get the initiation of Siddha Vithai / சித்த வித்தை (Vaasi Yogam / வாசி யோகம் ) need to understand the Siddha Vedham / சித்த வேதம் in full and follow the activity guidelines (Nadavadikkai Kiramnagal) prescribed by Swami Sivananda Paramahamsar.

vasi yogam class

So by attending the weekly Saturday classes, anyone who is interested to attain Jeeva Moksham / ஜீவ மோட்சம் can get inception with the blessing of Swami Sivananda Paramahamsar without any religion or caste discrimination.
And as per Swami’s order, since Siddha Vithai / சித்த வித்தை is about ones self realization and this initiation is strictly at Free of Charge. On Sunday between 11 AM to 2 PM at Chennai Siddha Vithai Abbiyasa Nilaym, Siddha Vedam will be read and explained to attendees, koottu Jebam carried on and then Sakdhini / சத்தினி served to public and to Siddha Vidyarthis. On every week Sakdhini is sponsored by our Siddha Vidhyarthi’s. Our journey in short is described below.
With the decision made in year 2000, Chennai Siddha Vithai Abbiyasa Nilayam initially conducted koottu Jebam (group meditation) in Chindadhiripet. From there it moved to Simpsons group society building in Perambur then to Annadhana Samajam, Perambur and then to Ayanavarm. Again from there it was shifted to Perambur, Nel Vayal road then to Bharatha Madha elementary school in Perambur again to one more premises in Nel Vayal Road in Perambur. And now it is running in a ground floor portion at Anna Nagar East with the cardial help from Brammashree Shailesh, who volunteered to give this space for conducting weekly Siddha Vithai / சித்த வித்தைclasses on Saturday evening and to conduct Koottu jebam, Siddha Vithai / சித்த வித்தை initiation and Saddhini / சத்தினி on Sunday. The shifting of Chennai Siddha Vithai Abbiyasa Nilayam was non stop due to reasons like rental, insufficient space etc.

Jeeva Samadhi

To have Jeeva Samadhi / ஜீவ சமாதி to our Siddha Vidyarthis, we managed to have a 2 acre land at Vada Madurai a village near Periya Palayam in Thiruvallur district.
To formalize and strengthen the Chennai Siddha Vithai Abbiyasa Nilaya operations it was registered as Trust in 2016. Chennai Siddha Vithai Abbiyasa Nilayam conducts every year its Annual Day celebration as a two day celebrations wherein prominent speakers and Siddha Vidhyarthis are invited to talk about Siddha Vithai / சித்த வித்தை (Vaasi Yogam / வாசி யோகம் ) and spirituality. During this celebrations Anna Dhanam is provided to 1000s of publics and Siddha Vidyarthis.
Our Trust also conducts periodic social welfare camps to the needed people in the society.
To convey Swami Sivananda Paramahamsar’s message to the society we planned to build our own Nilayam and we believe with our own Nilayam we will have better facilities to new comers who are traveling from out station and other countries to come, stay here, undergo Siddha Vedham / சித்த வேதம் class and get initiation. And on top of all this own Nilayam will be a place for our Siddha Vidyarthis to do Jebam on daily basis.
To make it happen we seek all Siddha Vidyarthi’s and public’s cordial support to donate possible monitory and material support.

And our Trust was recognized by Government of India for its noble act and granted 80G Income Tax exemption to donors.